The CIS Physiology Laboratory performs physical and physiological analyzes of the quality attributes of corn, sunflower, soybeans and sorghum seeds. It is enabled by the Agricultural National Service (SAG) to issue official certificates on seed samples. The methodology used for each analysis is that described in the International Seed Analysis Rules (ISTA).

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01. Germination test**

Percentage of seeds that germinates and develops normal seedlings under optimal conditions for growth. For this, controlled chambers and growth media appropriate to the species are used. The following is the approximate duration of the germination test by species:













Consider pre-treatment in seed of the season.

Consider pre-treatment in seed of the season.


*Consider 3 more days in case of holidays and weekends.

02. Physical Purity**

The following fractions are determined in a sample: % of Pure Seed, % of Inert Matter and % Seeds of other species (weeds or other cultivated species).

03. Other Seed Count**

It allows the identification of all weeds or other species grown in the seed sample.

04. Physical appearance

Visual evaluation of anomalies and defects found in a seed lot. Defects that the Physical Purity analysis does not include are visualized, but they are significant in the evaluation and perception of the client such as deformed, discolored, pre-germinated seeds, with mechanical damage, etc. The type of damage in the seed sample is reported in percentage (%).

05. Moisture in Oven

It allows to know the humidity of the seed which is of importance during harvest, commercialization and subsequent storage.

06. Rapid moisture determination

It is done in a equipment which is fast and accurate. They do not destroy the sample they analyze. Available for Corn, Sunflower and Soy.

07. Seed Count

The weight of a thousand seeds is quantified and by default the weight of seeds per kilogram, a very important fact when calculating the sowing density.

08. Mechanical damage (Soy)

With Hypochlorite Solution, Non-Visible damage is detected that may affect the production of normal seedlings.

09. Cold Test (Corn)

The seed is exposed to conditions of low temperatures and substrate with part of corn soil, being useful in those cases in which the sowing date can coincide with periods of rain and low temperature.

**Germination and Physical Purity are analyzes authorized by the SAG (Agricultural National Service) which are mandatory for commercialization in the national market.


The samples that are derived to the laboratory is ideal to find in the best possible state for the correct performance of the test.

If you wish to derive seed to the laboratory, please make sure that the seed has not been exposed to extreme temperatures or environmental conditions.

You can derive it in a paper or plastic bag guaranteed that they do not suffer any blows or any type of damage. If is possible, please store them in a second box-type container that serves your best protection.

Remember to derive it with as much information as possible:

• Test requested                       • Species

• Variety                                    • Lot

• Harvest year


We will contact you to coordinate and, at the same time, answer your questions and needs. We will derive the estimated date of the result and then the final result.



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