Almazara  is the name given to the processing plant where olive oil is produced. The name comes from Arabic and means the "place where pressing takes place”.


Our almazara is assigned to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Since the range of extra virgin oils is very broad, our production focuses only on maximum quality oils with acidity levels under 0.2%.


We take care of having the best olives in our fields and harvesting at the optimal time in order to achieve the highest quality. Given the proximity of our orchards to the almazara, we are able to produce oil within no more than four hours  after harvesting the olives, attaining an oil of incomparable quality and freshness. This and the people that work with us allow us to extract the very best that olives can provide.


Our almazara is designed with the latest available production technology worldwide and benefits from the highest quality and food safety standards. The facilities include a complete integrated traceability system that keeps an electronic record of all details at each process stage, from the point where olives enter the process until the oil is sold to our customers.

In line with our objective of producing healthy foods, we take care to have an environmentally friendly production at Hornillas. This is why we have included a number of elements in our almazara to ensure sustainable production.

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