› A product of the highest quality; own production.

› Traceability by segment and production lots.

› Trustworthy partners with proven financial capacity, highly committed
  employees who work in harmonious and favorable conditions.

› Capacity to bind other players in the industry.

› Capacity to innovate.

› A product tailored to the client and final consumer.

› Capacity to operate a clean industry in a privileged zone for production
  and with respect for the environment.

› State-of-the-art technology in planting, harvest, production, packaging
  and the rational management of waste.

› Complementary seasonality with the northern hemisphere.

› Focused on sustainable production (rational use of water, energy
  and agrochemicals).

› Capacity to adapt to different commercialization methods.





We offer a premium product to enhance your private label. We are able to provide you a quality product, with a bottle and label designed according to the needs of your brand and clients.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from our own premium quality olives cultivated under the optimal agronomic conditions for this crop and processed in state-of-the-art oil presses that allow us to maintain a detailed record and control over each of the stages of the production chain.


Our aim is to obtain quality oil based in single-varieties (Arbequina, Koroneiki and Arbosana) to elaborate mixes of greater complexity for each individual market.




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