All our oils are cultivated in our own fields in the valley of Alcones (Marchigüe); area which is characterized by fantastic climatic conditions for the development of the olive tree.


The fruit is processed only a few hours after harvesting, so we get an oil of unsurpassed quality and freshness.



Arbequina is a very aromatic fruity oil with distinct herbal notes, a sweet flavor and hints of nuts, green almond, apple and artichoke.


It is ideal to use in dressings for carrot-lettuce salads, to season white fish or as a substitute for butter on bread.



Koroneiki is an oil with a strong personality. It is intensely aromatic and fruity with hints of green tomato and apple and the distinct presence of bitter, astringent and peppery notes.


It is ideal for meals made with sharp-flavored spices and flavorsome food, bitter salads, BBQ meat, as well as fish such as salmon and octopus.




Arbosana is a medium-fruity oil, with a distinct hint of ripe tomato, green notes and the characteristics of tea, herbal tea or chamomile.


A medium peppery and lightly bitter oil that is ideal to accompany beans, garbanzos, all kinds of pasta, carpaccio, bitter salads, bruschetta and, in general, strong-flavored food.




Blend is a delicious mixture of our Arbequina, Koroneiki and Arbosana oils. A tasty oil that given its delicate nature, is also balanced in terms of peppery and bitter notes.


It contains herbal and fruity notes with hints of nuts, green almond, apple and artichoke.


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