Our company is deeply committed to sustainable development, care  for the environment and rational use of resources. Proof of this is that we have taken the following actions so that our production contributes to the care of the planet.

In the field:


- In all our agricultural processes we use environmentally friendly products, among
  which we include products accepted in the Organic Protocol.


- We handle our crops under IPM system (Integrated Pest Management) which
  reduces the use of pesticides.


- All our orchards are watered with highly efficient drip irrigation, so we make a rational
  use of water.


- 25% of our plantations are irrigated with systems that do not require electric power,
  because they take advantage of gravity and elevation differences.


- We care about rationalizing the use of agricultural machinery and fuel consumption
  in order to reduce pollution and the generation of greenhouse gases.


- In order to contribute to the environment and neutralize our carbon footprint,
  we have 1.6 hectares of eucalyptus forest per each hectare of olive trees.



In the industrial plant (mill):


- Olive waste after the industrial production are:

Burned in a boiler to generate the hot water required by the extraction process and the heating of the storage room, thereby eliminating the use of other more polluting fuels.

Spread in the field as organic fertilizer.


- The mill has a water treatment plant where almost 100% of it is reused, generating a
  marginal waste inside the process.





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