First of all, using the southern hemisphere for counter season production allows breeders to complete two crop cycles within one year.  The technical reasons behind this are:

› Favorable soil conditions

› Low levels of infestation and diseases due to the Mediterranean climate

› Chile is recognized for its brightness and high sun irradiation

› Supply of water for irrigation

› Temperatures of 9°C (48.2°F) at night and 28°C (82.4°F) during the day during planting season

› Geographic isolation (desert in the north, mountains to the east, below zero conditions in the south and ocean to the west)

› International recognition given to the Agricultural Ministry’s work through the Agricultural and Cattle Service (SAG)

› Good technical level and facilities

› Clear seed legislation

› Easy and swift import and export procedures and regulations

› The permanent presence of international seed companies that apply the latest information and procedures locally


› Stable banking system

› Good agricultural level of farmers, agronomists and technicians

› GMO production is not allowed for commercial purposes, only for seed production

› ANPROS (National Association of Seed Producers) uses GPS to monitor the seed fields of other companies online and set up the corresponding isolations

› Chile is allowed to certify according to OECD rules

› Chile is a member of UPOV for the protection of plant breeder rights

› There is well-known political and economic stability



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